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HR Giger:

H.R. Giger - Birthmachine
HR Giger:

H.R. Giger - ELP
HR Giger: 'ELP'

H.R. Giger - Biomechanoid 75
HR Giger:
'Biomechanoid 75'

H.R. Giger - Gigers Necronomicon




H.R. Giger - The Magician
The Magician

Swiss fantasy and surrealist artist HR Giger is probably best known for his alien design used in the film 'Alien' and its sequels.

Born in 1940, in Chur, Hans Rudi Giger graduated from the School of Applied Arts in Zurich (KGSZ) in 1966. While still a student at Zurich his ink drawings were published in underground magazines. His first solo exhibition was in the Galerie Benno, Zurich, also in 1966.

The Alien Monster
The Alien
(movie photo)

By 1979 director Ridley Scott's film 'Alien' decided to use Giger's biomechanical designs. This was a vast break with designs for aliens which had appeared in earlier Hollywood movies. Giger's creations made the movie unforgetable for those who saw it, bringing an incredible degree of realism to the storyline.

Giger also designed Sil used in the movie 'Species', as well as the special effects in 'Poltergeist 2'. Giger is also a furniture designer and sculptor.

H.R. Giger - Anima Mia
Anima Mia



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H.R. Giger - Biomechanical Landscape, 584

Biomechanical Landscape, 584




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